Findings, Feelings, Fun! School Aged Journal for Children

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This is a great weekly journal for individual children, to document their learning and leisure in the form of Findings, Feelings and Fun! This journal has 42 weekly pages to fill up, so depending on how regularly a child attends, it could even last longer than a year. It has 2 pages of stickers (robots and tropical) bound in so they won't get lost. Coil bound with plastic film front and back to protect covers.

Notes about your service (found in the journal for parents and assessors)

"Our service actively involves our children in ongoing programming and this journal is just one way in which we document this. Under the National Regulations and NQS, school age care services should have processes to enable children to influence the program in response to their own strengths, ideas, abilities and interests, and be able to show how this occurs. We like each child to focus on their wellbeing, development and learning while participating in a restful, engaging and fun-filled program. To do this we encourage each child to reflect on their own ideas, feelings and fun and actively participate in the group’s weekly programming and reflections."

How to use this book (for children)

There are no rules! If you like writing then write! If you like drawing then draw! and if you like taking photos and sticking them in then you can do that too - it’s totally up to you. And you get stickers to use too!

If you don’t come every week, that’s fine, just fill in when you do come.

What did you find out about this week? Just think about what great findings you made. Did you find a new friend? Did you learn some fun new facts? Did you try to find out more about your ideas? Did you do an experiment? Did you share your findings with others?

How about your feelings this week? Did you feel proud of something? Did you feel happy or lucky? Maybe you felt a bit sad or even sorry for someone else? It’s great to write or draw about your feelings.

How about all the fun things you did this week? What were your favourite things? A great book? Something you made or built? Did you play any great games? Did you roll around on the floor and laugh at a funny joke? Tell us all about it!


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