2022 Early Childhood Cook's Diary

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Introducing the Childcare Centre Diary for COOKS!  Plan and document your menus, supplies, kitchen maintenance and program support with this tailored diary especially for cooks in early childhood services for 2022.

In these pages you will find useful planning and mapping tools like the years at a glance, year planner, important dates and contacts, regulations summary and EYLF learning outcomes.

There is space to record information about children and parents, supplier details and your details.

Most importantly there are specific tools which will help you meet compliance and assessment requirements - all in one handy folder. (The diary is in a handy ringbinder folder so you can add plastic sleeves with cuttings and recipes!)

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Each day you can record:

menu plans

shopping lists


out of pocket expenses

general communication and a to-do list

meetings / orientations / training

Each week, make notes for your week ahead including orders and menu planning.

Weekly and Yearly checklists for your Food Safety Program and Kitchen maintenance.

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