2022 Family Day Care Diary

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Meet the best tool in the Australian Family Day Care compliance arsenal, the Family Day Care Diary 2022.

Are you a Family Day Care Educator that wants to be compliant and do better at assessment? Are you looking for a way to ensure your paperwork is uniform and to a quality standard? The Butler Creative FDC Diary is for you! This diary is an easy to follow yet indispensable tool for record-keeping and planning for compliance under the NQS.

Please note that this diary is a more concise diary than the FDC Compliance Checklist Diary 

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Here's what our customers say

"It’s such a lovely feeling to be able to start the new year prepared and no stress involved. Thank you for helping me to do this with the fabulous resources you provide. Greatly appreciated". Carrie-Anne

Who is this diary for?

  • Family Day Care Schemes and Services Providers                
  • Family Day Care Educators        
Are you an Educational Leader? See our NEW Educational Leader Diary 2022       

    What are the benefits?

    • Evidence against the NQS, regs and the law
    • Helps with Quality Improvement
    • Reduces paperwork, photocopying and filing
    • Provides seamless record keeping all in one place.
    • Easy to use

    We now have three versions of this diary, the standard spiral bound version, a soft copy version and a gloss hard copy version.


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