2022 QLD Kindergarten Diary

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QLD Kindergartens, rejoice! You can streamline your record keeping processes and create a uniform way of capturing information with the QLD Kindergarten Diary 2022. This diary is an indispensable tool for recording and planning for compliance under the NQS and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guide. 

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Who is this diary for?

  • QLD Centre Directors 
  • QLD Kindergarten Program Leaders
  • Office/Admin Use
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    What are the benefits?

    • Evidence against the NQS and QKLG
    • Helps with Quality Improvement
    • Less paperwork, photocopying and filing
    • All in one place
    • Easy to use 

    Use this diary in conjunction with the QLD Kindergarten Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary 2022.

    We now have three versions of this diary, the standard spiral bound version, a soft copy version and a gloss hard copy version.


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