2022 VIC Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary

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In the Victorian childcare sector? Want to do better at assessment? The VIC Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary 2022 is an indispensable tool for programming and reflection referencing the VEYLDF for compliance under the NQS. 

Simplify your workload with this all-inclusive diary that enables quick access to weekly and future programming utilising both notes and visuals.

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Who is this diary for?

  • Victorian Educators
  • VIC Room Leaders
  • VIC Long Day Care
  • VIC Family Day Care
  • VIC Preschool
  • VIC Kindergarten

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Do you run a sessional Kindergarten program? See how our customers use the diaries for this.

"We run a rotational group of four year olds and have two teachers. So, we have 46 children attend 3 days per week across the five days. One teacher teaches Monday and Thursday the other Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.
The diary is fantastic if you co-teach as the reflective notes etc give you a snap shot of what transpired the day before and continuity of learning. Therefore, you can pickup from the day before and progress the children’s enquiry further. It also alerts you to changed play spaces etc and the reasons why.
If we were to run two groups like our three year olds with two teachers, and they have their allocated days and sessions, we would have a separate diary for those groups.
We have undergone spot checks and assessment and the diary has supported us well in achieving an exceeding rating in programming and overall."
Robyn, Sessional Kindy Teacher Victoria
"I have two groups and use the one diary for both. The 4yo program is written on their days W,Th,F and the 3yo program is written on the M,T space with labels over the day to represent the W, Th they attend.
Reflections are written in two parts in the space provided,  as is notes on transition and routines.
Photos of the program are of both groups.
Children's individual records are kept apart in a separate book for each group."
Deb, Sessional Kindergarten Teacher

What are the benefits?

  • 'At a glance' weekly overviews displayed across two pages.
  • Evidence against the NQS and VEYLDF
  • Helps with Quality Improvement
  • Less paperwork, photocopying and filing
  • All in one place
  • Easy to use

Use this diary in conjunction with the Childcare Centre Diary 2022.

We now have three versions of this diary, the standard spiral bound version, a soft copy version and a gloss hard copy version.

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