2022 Weekly Programming and Reflection Diary (Calendar Year)

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Want to do better at assessment in 2022? This programming and reflection diary is an indispensable tool for programming and reflection referencing the EYLF for compliance under the NQS. 



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See here for the 7 day version.

Simplify your workload with this all-inclusive diary that enables quick access to weekly and future programming utilising both notes and photos.

 Here's what our customers say

"As my role last year I provided program and planning support to FDC educators who were struggling to meet their requirements in this area. Your diary was a very useful tool to demonstrate that it is not that difficult to plan and reflect on their practice. All the relevant information can be recorded concisely and very quickly. They found they could establish a regular planning cycle. This was a big plus for them. So several put in orders to purchase the Planning and Reflection Diary.

From September last year I also picked up some casual work in a LDC . They too were struggling to establish a regular planning cycle due to staffing issues and illness. When I showed them the diary they immediately said this is for us! So they placed an order!! They are now using it regularly and most staff members are very happy with how easy the diary is to use. I only wish I had discovered them while I was a Room Supervisor! So thank you for a great product, it has made life so much easier and freed up valuable time to spend with the children in our care." Cheers, Tosca.

"We love your books Thank you so much for creating such an amazing document. We use this as our weekly program curriculum planner along with our reflections 😊Kind regards, Karlee, Nominated Supervisor

"It’s such a lovely feeling to be able to start the new year prepared and no stress involved. Thank you for helping me to do this with the fabulous resources you provide. Greatly appreciated!" Carrie-Anne, LDC

Who is this diary for?

Are you an Educational Leader? See our NEW Educational Leader Diary 2022

What are the benefits?

  • 'At a glance' weekly overviews displayed across two pages.
  • Evidence against the NQS, regs and the law
  • Helps with Quality Improvement
  • Reduces paperwork, photocopying and filing
  • Provides seamless record keeping all in one place.
  • Easy to use

Use this diary in conjunction with the Office/Admin/Director Diaries 

We now have three versions of this diary, the standard spiral bound version, a soft copy version and a gloss hard copy version.

Now also in A3! - More room to write!


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