IndigiSTEM Caring for Country Workbook

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10 Outdoor Play Activities for Early Learners

No doubt you have probably heard the term 'Caring for Country' before. It is widely-used phrase these days. But what does it really mean?

This Activity Book contains 10 outdoor activities for early learners. We suggest you use them as opportunities to incorporate elements of Indigenous culture and knowledge into your early learning sessions. They are all hands-on and practical play-based activities, which make them perfect for bring elements of Indigenous culture, which by nature, is very much outdoors focussed.

Each activity also has a STEM element to it, in that it brings in the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We firmly believe that STEM provides the perfect platform upon which to bring Indigenous knowledge in to the Early Learning space.

Activities include:

Worms and Witchetty Grubs / Teaching notes

Growing Your Own Food / Teaching notes

Biodiversity Rules / Teaching notes

Campfire Yarns / Teaching notes

Attracting Birds / Teaching notes

Making an Aboriginal Garden / Teaching notes

Loose Parts Play / Teaching notes

Emu Eggs / Teaching notes

Face Painting / Teaching notes

Angles / Teaching notes

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