IndigiSTEM Resource Kit

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This kit includes both the Riley Calley IndigiSTEM STEM Activities Workbook plus our Educator Notes resource book.

The Activities Workbook contains instructions for 20 easy to follow, fun STEM activities for early learners (3-6 year olds). Each STEM activity has an Indigenous theme or context. Examples of topics covered include bush foods, Aboriginal astronomy, creating bush shelters and much more.

The 56 page Educator Notes book contains informative material for educators about Indigenous culture and knowledge. Together these are the perfect kindergarten or preschool resource for centres interested in including Indigenous Learnings into their sessions.  

Activities Include:

Native Foods 

Ochre and Rock Art 

Identifying Animal Tracks 

Engineering Shelters

Understanding Rain 

All About Me 

Aboriginal Astronomy 

Bead Threading

Caring for Country 

Measuring Distance

Nature Hunt 

Watercraft, Floating and Sinking

Canals and Dams 



Making Sound and Music 

Making Rainbows 

Paddle Pop Stick Weaving 

Pulleys and Rope Flags

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