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5 children's yoga audiobooks bundle
(ideal for educators, teachers and parents, no experience necessary!)

Teaching kids yoga through stories. You’d love to inspire your kids to move their bodies, and to learn how to be in control of their minds, right? Us too! GOYOkids will lead you into the wonderful world of kids yoga through favourite stories retold with a twist, or a bend, or a balance, and always a giggle. Our brand of kids yoga is light-hearted and full of creativity, with an added touch of tai chi and a moment of mindfulness to help kids be focussed and in control (and maybe a bit stretchy!).

There are 5 awesome titles. Each one telling a different story with guided yoga moves.

There was an Old Woman Who Lived on a Farm

There Was An Old Lady Who Lived On A Farm will introduce you to a little old lady and her wacky farm in the Australian bush. She’ll have you slithering like a snake, wobbling like a wombat and jumping like a kangaroo. Get ready for the end, you won’t believe where you’ll end up! This is a high energy kids yoga class with an imaginative focus on animals.


Granny Goes to Town

Based on an unpublished traditional story told by a delightful grandmother in the GOYOkids family, this story will take you on a gentle journey with Granny on her way to the shops. You'll visit the river and absorb every beautiful detail around you, mindfully appreciating the world, just as Granny does. This is a slow paced, gentle kids yoga class with a particular focus on awareness and mindfulness.


The Owl and the Pussycat

Let us take you on an adventure sailing out to sea in a pea green boat. Get ready to float under the stars to find a place where the "Bong Trees" grow! This cute little story of love and marriage will take you to meet a pig and a turkey, and dance under the moonlit sky. This kids yoga story has a calming energy, with a traditional storytelling approach.

The Wind in the Willows

Based on the well loved classic "The Wind In The Willows" by Kenneth Grahame, this kids yoga story will introduce you to the charming characters Mole and Rat. You'll travel with them down the river on a boat, meet their good friend Toad and even ride in his racing car! This kids yoga story is invigorating and warming.

I'm a Little Teapot

A kids yoga audiobook (ideal for educators, teachers and parents, no experience necessary!) Based on the children's song I'm a Little Teapot by George Harry Sanders.

Use this audiobook with our stretchy Yoga Story Deck of cards which explain the poses and adds extra games, partner poses and more. Bundle and save!


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