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Positive Outcomes Stickers (Modern Colourful 6)

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Highlight children's positive outcomes with these gorgeous sticker sets. There are five themed sets and one birthday set. Each set contains these positive messages and reminders of their achievements and agency that day.

"I tried something new today"

"I was kind to a friend today"

"I built something today"

"I solved a problem today"

"I made a good choice today"

"I shared with someone today"


This mixed set contains 2 sheets each of

  • Modern Colourful Robots
  • Modern Colourful Monsters
  • Birthdays 1-5

(6 sheets total)

"Agency—an individual's sense of personal and independent control over an outcome or event—begins to develop in infancy. Children learn very early that their own actions affect objects and people in their environment. Over time, this realisation matures as they successfully complete tasks by setting goals, maintaining effort, and overcoming failure to achieve a desired result."
G. Stepp 2010

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